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Private Cooking Instruction
I am available for local private cooking instruction in your kitchen. Did you recently get prescribed a certain diet by your health care provider and don't know how to implement it? Let me help you learn how to cook new recipes and shop for new ingredients. I can help you come up with a meal plan that you feel good about. Please contact me for rates and availability. 

Nutrition & Special Diet Meal Planning Consultations
Do you need guidance fine-tuning your diet to work for you? Are you on an elimination diet and need help customizing it to meet your unique health goals? Do you have a child with digestive symptoms and need guidance in finding a diet to help bring their body back into balance?

Are you confused about what the perfect diet is? Paleo? Vegan? Mediterranean? Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? And the list goes on. The thing is.....there is no perfect diet! We each have our own unique dietary needs based upon many factors. Our diets need to be fluid and flexible, and able to evolve with our changing lifestyle needs such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, environmental exposures, health conditions, stress levels, and the seasons. Food is powerful medicine. Food is delicious medicine. Food can be a large contributor to disease, and it can help heal disease. I can help you create a healing diet that will work for you.

I ask each client to complete a diet diary so I am able to analyze where possible roadblocks are occurring and where changes could be made. We will also look "upstream" at other factors in your life that could be affecting your health, such as stress, sleep, and possible environmental exposures. Please contact me for rates and availability. I coach clients via phone consultations, online video Zoom meetings, and in person.

Virtual Cooking Coaching
Do you need help learning how to cook some staple, nourishing recipes specific to your dietary requirements but live 1000 miles away? I can still help you with my virtual cooking coaching using Skype or Zoom right from my kitchen! Please contact me for rates and more information. 

Professional Recipe Development
Are you an author interested in recipes for your new diet book? I am available to create a brand new set of recipes specific to your diet framework, as well as meal plans and professional food photos if needed. Please contact me to view my past work, and for rates and availability. 

Cooking Classes

Local Cooking Classes
Are you a business or group that is interested in hiring me to teach a cooking class? I am available to come into a large kitchen in a private home and teach a group, teach in a business, or in a hospital. I also teach cooking classes locally at our Community Food Co-ops. You can check my Upcoming Events page to find out more about my available cooking classes.  

Media & Speaking

Media Inquiries
I am available to speak through local and national media venues. I can offer cooking demos related to healthy gluten-free recipes, whole foods recipes, healthy school lunch recipes, and healthy kid-friendly meal ideas. I am also available to contribute recipes and professional food photos for your magazine or newspaper. Please use the contact form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  

Recipe Questions

Blog Questions
If you have any questions regarding a recipe on this blog, then please post a comment in the comment area under that recipe. I will try to respond as quickly as possible. This forum also allows others to respond to your question....a wonderful way to receive plenty of feedback!

*Please note: I receive a lot of emails each day. It is sometimes not possible to respond to all of them. Please email me again if I don't get back to you.