Welcome to my blog, Nourishing Meals®! My name is Alissa Segersten and I created this blog to make it easier for you to navigate the realm of the whole foods, gluten-free lifestyle. Here you will find everything from healing bone broth recipes and elimination diet recipes to healthy vegan gluten-free cupcake recipes, as well as information on using food as medicine to heal. Every recipe on this site is gluten-free, with many being grain-free & paleo as well.

This blog is here to show you (with lots of delicious photos) that eating healthy is doable, fun, and enjoyable! The recipes here are kid tested and kid approved.

I am the author of the best-selling cookbooks, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: A Complete Nutritional and Cooking Guide for Healthy Living, and Nourishing Meals: 365 Whole Foods, Allergy-Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time. I am also the co-author of The Elimination Diet, a guidebook with over 125 recipes for reclaiming your health using the power of food. 

I have five beautiful children and enjoy organic gardening, wild harvesting, hiking in the mountains, food preserving, and cooking together as a family. I also enjoy working as a cooking instructor, empowering people with cooking skills and knowledge of whole foods so that they may reconnect with the pleasure in eating delicious, nourishing food!

received my Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University in 2003. I am the previous owner of a Personal Chef business in Seattle, Washington that successfully addressed the health and lifestyle needs of many families with delicious, nourishing meals. In 2004 I founded Whole Life Nutrition, a health and lifestyle company that offers functional medicine coaching, online programs, and health education for better living. 

In 2005, I had a vision for a cookbook and whole foods nutrition guidebook. After many requests from my community to write a cookbook, I finally began the process, staying up late into the night to type as my girls slept. The first edition of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook was on its way to being born! I created the entire book using Microsoft Word and then sent it to a local printing press. We only printed 1000 copies of this small spiral-bound book but sold them all within three months! By then I was pregnant with twins and working on a fully revised edition of the book with additional recipes. Tom also gave me some functional medicine gems that I wove into the new edition of the book. In 2007 I self-published the second edition of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. We sold over 60,000 copies of the book before turning it over to a publisher in 2013 in order to easily sell it to a wider market. Fully revised now, with over 100 new recipes and additional information, the brand new edition of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook was published in April of 2014. 

By 2010 I had become aware of the increasing health issues among many children. I wanted to create a guidebook and cookbook for raising healthy children. Too many children and infants were dealing with eczema, reflux, allergies, behavior issues, digestive issues, and more! I had seen so many people heal using a gluten-free, nourishing whole foods diet and wanted to explain the benefits of it as it related to raising healthy children. The Nourishing Meals book was born! This 500+ page massive book took me a little over two years to write, test recipes for, and publish. This time I hired a graphic designer to design and typeset the interior of the book, and create a beautiful cover. I also hired an indexer to index the whole book (instead of doing it myself which I had done for the previous book). In the summer of 2012 I sent the files off to a printing press in the Midwest, and a few weeks later we received our first order of 10,000 books to our warehouse. Those books flew out the door so fast! We printed almost 30,000 books before turning it over to a publisher for a complete revision and re-design in 2015. The brand new edition of Nourishing Meals was published in October of 2016 and continues to be a source of reliable health information for parents with over 300 nourishing, gluten-free recipes. 

I continue to post recipes to this blog and connect with the needs of families worldwide in order to spread the message of nourishing meals. When you find which foods work for you, your energy level, health, and quality of life greatly improves. It's a remarkable thing! My hope is that all parents can experience what it feels like to have children that love nourishing whole foods and witness the positive effects of consistent, nourishing meals on the whole family. 

Where to Start

New to Gluten-Free eating? Check out my Going Gluten-Free Page for ideas and information. 

Looking for Elimination Diet recipes? Start here. You can also find additional Elimination Diet recipes (not posted to this blog) in The Elimination Diet Book

In need of some meal inspiration? Search through my Recipe Index for plenty of nourishing gluten-free recipes! 

Work With Me!

Nutrition & Special Diet Meal Planning Consultations:
Are you confused about what the perfect diet is? Paleo? Vegan? Mediterranean? Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? And the list goes on. The thing is.....there is no perfect diet! We each have our own unique dietary needs based upon many factors. Our diets need to be fluid and flexible, and able to evolve with our changing lifestyle needs such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, environmental exposures, health conditions, stress levels, and the seasons. Food IS powerful medicine. Food IS delicious medicine. Food can create disease and it can help cure disease. I can help you create a healing diet that will work for YOU. I coach clients via phone consultations, online video Zoom meetings, and in person. Contact me to set up an appointment. 

Private Cooking Instruction:
I am available for local private cooking instruction in your kitchen. Did you recently get prescribed a certain diet by your health care provider and don't know how to implement it? Let me help you learn how to cook new recipes and shop for new ingredients. I can help you come up with a meal plan that you feel good about. Please contact me for rates and availability. 

Virtual Cooking Coaching:
Do you need help learning how to cook some staple, nourishing recipes specific to your dietary requirements but live 1000 miles away? I can still help you with my virtual cooking coaching using Skype or Zoom right from my kitchen! Please contact me for rates and more information.

Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating! ~Ali