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I've been cooking whole foods and creating recipes since I've been 10 years old (read more about me here). In fact, I grew up on homemade, nourishing whole foods. My hope is to inspire you and your family with new recipes that not only nourish, but also taste amazing! It's such a wonderful thing to have the whole family eating well and feeling you can enjoy life! This blog features seasonal, organic, family-friendly gluten-free recipes. Some are vegan, some are paleo. You will also find plenty of Elimination Diet recipes to help reduce inflammation and get to the root of your health condition.

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In addition to the recipes on my blog, I have two beautiful cookbooks with over 600 nourishing, gluten-free recipes! I am also the co-author of The Elimination Diet, which contains 125 healing recipes.

Nourishing Meals: 365 Whole Foods, Allergy-Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time

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The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: A Complete Nutritional and Cooking Guide for Healthy Living (with over 300 recipes)

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The Elimination Diet: Discover the Foods that are Making you Sick and Tired--And Feel Better Fast

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