Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creamy Almond Kale Smoothie

If there was one thing you could do right now to improve your health would you do it? Eating raw cruciferous vegetables daily might be our saving grace in this increasingly toxic world. Cruciferous vegetables will upregulate or "produce" the enzymes your body needs to eliminate environmental toxins and properly metabolize estrogen. They also provide the sulfur, folic acid, and magnesium these enzymes need to function optimally. Worried about cruciferous vegetables causing thyroid problems? If you closely examine the scientific literature, you will see that people who have thyroid issues after eating cruciferous vegetables are iodine insufficient. Eating nori, cooking your beans with kombu, and eating wild caught Alaskan salmon are ways to increase your iodine intake. We (including our children) also take a kelp extract supplement daily. Researchers are now finding that environmental toxicants have a major role in the rise of thyroid related eating raw cruciferous vegetables protects your health on many levels.

This light and creamy smoothie is made with three simple ingredients. It is so easy to make and tastes amazing! I use homemade raw vanilla almond milk which is so flavorful and full of live enzymes. I make it by soaking raw almonds in water for about 24 hours; then I rinse, drain, and blend them with fresh water, a pinch of sea salt, vanilla powder, and a dash of maple syrup. Then all you do is strain the milk though a clean dishtowel or nut milk bag to remove the pulp. You could also use Hemp Milk, cashew milk, or kefir in place of the almond milk.

Creamy Almond Kale Smoothie

This smoothie recipe makes a great after school snack for your children. Serve it with carrot sticks and apple slices. Start with one pear and if you need the smoothie a little sweeter, add part or all of the second pear. If you are following our Elimination Diet you can use this smoothie during Phase 3.

2 cups raw almond milk
1/2 bunch kale
1 to 2 pears, cored and chopped

Place all of the ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth and creamy. This recipe makes approximately 4 cups. Drink immediately or store in a covered glass jar in your refrigerator for up to 2 days. Source:

Kale in our backyard garden after a rainstorm. 

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  1. Loving this recipe and thank you for posting this for everyone to try.

  2. Great site! Thanks for the great recipe and information!!

  3. Would you mind sharing what Kelp supplement you take? I'd love to get on one and wonder how I could get it into my kids. Is it a liquid?


  4. This looks yummy! I have one similar to this one. My daughter and I had it this afternoon as a snack. DELISH! I just planted some kale in my garden last night! So excited. I love your kale in the rain photo:)

  5. Looks delicious! I love kale smoothies and grow it throughout the winter so I can have it fresh!

  6. In order to make the almond milk, how much almonds do you use and how much water, since the almonds soak up some of the water?

  7. Thank you for sharing. I'm always looking for tasty ways to get my husband to eat kale.

  8. We love kale in our smoothies! And still have five rows in the garden.....although it is going to be in the 20's here tonight. We have a low tunnel all ready to go so we can cover it and keep it growing all winter long. Fresh kale is the best!
    Thanks for the new flavor idea.

  9. I know for a fact that this smoothie is delicious, I actually tried something very similar last week! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Your garden kale looks absolutely lovely and the smoothie awesomely delicious. What type of kale are you growing? Mine has a tendency to get moldy after a few months growing and pruning, etc. Any tips? Thanks!

  11. I've always admired the classic/colorful/swirl straws. You've inspired me to purchase them.

    Very much enjoyed your post. Juicing is something I am continually trying to turn into a habit.

  12. Looks great! I also made a greens smoothie on my blog if you'd lie, to check it out:)

  13. Off-topic: I'm commenting here as per Dr. Jean Layton's instructions for the giveaway of your new cookbook. I borrowed the book from my library and am extremely impressed with the breadth, depth, and latitude with which it is written.

  14. Hi, I am wondering why you can have almond milk but not almonds in the elimination diet? Wouldnt you have to cut the almond milk as well to test if you are intolerant?
    ~ Cherie

  15. Monika- I have a recipe in both of my cookbooks for making raw almond milk....but I never measure anything and just throw it all together. Use more almonds and less water for a richer, creamier milk! :)

    Cherie- Homemade almond milk and whole almonds are ok for phase 3 of the elimination diet, but not earlier.

  16. Hi Ali, Thank you for this beautiful recipe! Could you please share which brand of kelp extract does your family use? Thanks --Divya


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