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The Elimination and Detoxification Diet ~ It's about Feeling Good!

What is the Elimination Diet? It is a program of eating designed to calm inflammation and balance the body. Once the body is calm, and the disease symptoms diminish, it becomes noticeable to a person when a “trouble” food is eaten and the symptoms come back.

If you have felt sluggish, had chronic health complaints, or just not felt quite right then an elimination diet is a useful tool that may help bring you to that optimal state of health you desire. Yes the elimination diet usually results in, on average, a 10 to 15 pound weight loss, but more importantly it promotes healing at the cellular level by identifying foods that are causing an immune reaction.

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The main focus of the Elimination Diet is getting the gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, corn, and soy out of your diet. Doing this, along with eating a diet high in plant foods, calms inflammation and gives your body a break. Additional foods that can be problematic for some people are citrus, nightshade vegetables, certain nuts, among others. These foods are removed in the first two phases and are then slowly added back during phase 3 to note any negative reaction. 

An Elimination Diet is useful in treating the following health conditions:
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • IBS
  • Chronic Migraines
  • GERD
  • Anxiety
  • Constipation / Diarrhea
  • Sinus problems
  • Weight loss / Weight gain
  • Infertility

Items to stock in your pantry and fridge:
please make sure you always use "organic"
  • dark leafy greens (dandelion greens, kale, collards, chard, bok choy, mustard greens...)
  • cabbage (all varieties)
  • lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • onions
  • yams
  • winter squash
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • carrots
  • celery
  • avocados
  • cranberries (fresh or frozen)
  • blueberries
  • bananas
  • cherries
  • raspberries
  • plantains
  • pears
  • apples
  • brown rice
  • quinoa
  • wild rice
  • adzuki beans
  • mung beans
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • chia seeds
  • hemp seeds
  • pumpkin seed butter
  • sunflower seed butter
  • wakame and nori seaweeds
  • wild salmon
  • organic chicken
  • organic ground turkey
  • organic lamb
  • wild game
  • organic virgin coconut oil
  • organic extra virgin olive oil

Visit the Elimination Diet page on our website to get started today with a Free Cooking Video Series!

Elimination Diet Recipes: 


  1. What if you have hypothroidism? Aren't cruciferous veggies meant to be avoided with this condition?

    1. After much reading ....if you steam them it is better and won't have the same affects as eating them raw. Still have to be very careful about the amounts. I hope this helps

    2. We discussed the thyroid-cruciferous veggie debate in a more recent post. I recommend reading it and watching the video for the most up-to-date information on this subject…...

  2. I'm going to start the elimination diet tomorrow. This will be my second time--in the past 6 months I've reintroduced too many of the foods that I have sensitivities to--not smart. I loved the plan the first time round--looking forward to that great feeling that comes from taking such good care of my body! Thank you Ali & Tom for this fantastic path to health & well-being!

  3. I'm so glad you will be blogging about the elimination diet, Ali! I am on Day 4 and have been experimenting with different foods. One dish that worked well was Nori rolls that we made successfully for the first time with Nori, brown rice, carrot, green onion, cooked green peas, and a little dried plum and ginger. We had that with oven baked sweet potato "fries". Looking forward to seeing what delicious recipes you come up with!

  4. I am wondering if Chia seeds are ok to use in Phase I?

  5. This new year is going to be fantastic! Good luck with this diet, it looks like a fabulous way to reset for the new year =D.

  6. What about being 5 weeks pregnant...not really a good time to try the elimination diet or would it be okay?

  7. City Books -I'll need to have Tom answer this question. Though I think it deserves its own blog post! Maybe he can write something up this week. :)

    Anon - Yes chia seeds are okay for the entire diet. Glad you mentioned it.

    Fresh and Feisty - The elimination part is okay but the detox part isn't. So no green smoothie fast. You may want to consider adding in salmon, lamb, and chicken during phase 1. Be sure to talk with your doctor or midwife before starting the diet.

    Thanks for all of your comments and meal ideas! Looking forward to hearing more throughout the month!

    Happy New Year! :)

  8. Ali,

    Perfect timing! I'm on board with everything you mention here, with a few of my own minor alterations. I am periodically amazed (annoyed) with myself when I fall off my clean eating bandwagon as I've done over the past few weeks. Nothing major, but all that baking has done me in. Even though I choose healthy GF grains – eating too much grain always gets me. Not to mention the sugar (in any form). Ugh, I'm with you guys on this one -- 100%. Great post, as always. Your cookbook has SO many good recipes for this kind of thing. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Peace, love and green smoothies!
    Melissa xo

  9. Is the green smoothie phase okay when nursing older toddlers, or should that part still be skipped entirely when nursing. D is showing no signs of weaning any time soon.

  10. Ali,

    Would you recommend this diet for a person like me who already has known food allergies such as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and yeast? My Dr. says since I have already had a detailed blood test which says I'm not reactive to corn, potatoes, etc that elimination diets wouldn't "do any good" but I was curious what you and Tom have to say about that. Thank you!


  11. I gave a shout out to you on my blog this morning!!

  12. Hi, I am 9 weeks pregnant and wondering if an elimination diet would be appropriate to assist with extreme nauseousness? thanks for your lovely blog!


  13. I just seen your book at Barnes and Noble...very nice!


  14. What if organic versions of the foods required are not available? Is it best to wait to do the diet until they are available?


  15. Thanks Melissa!

    Jennifer - This is definitely a personal decision. Since my boys are barely nursing I feel it is a fine time for me to do the diet. We recommend that nursing moms avoid the smoothie fast because of the possible risk of chemical overload to the infant's immature liver. Fasting and cleansing causes toxins to be released into the bloodstream which go straight into mother's milk. :)

    Katie - Tom here. What I have seen with hundreds of clients is that the Elisa, RAST, or other IgG/IgE combo tests looking at food sensitivities/allergies do NOT pick up many people's problem foods. They are great tools in addition to an elimination diet but are not a substitute. I can't tell you how many people that have had major issues with corn, soy, and gluten and had their blood work come back saying they were negative. Thankfully you have two of these three taken care of. Other reactions like those found in tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant may be coming from plant components that blood tests are not looking for. There are a host of other intolerances from foods that do not stimulate the immune cells that those tests look at. If you still have symptoms of headache, fatigue, lethargy, bowel issues, or joint pain, it may be worth the time and energy to dig deeper.

    Thanks Betty!

    Lynn - Like I stated above, you'll want to discuss this with your doctor or midwife before making any decisions. I don't know if it would help with the nausea you are experiencing, though it's possible. Although we don't recommend following this strict diet while pregnant, if you do decide to go ahead with it you'll want to do a modified version. No smoothie fast, and possibly adding in salmon, lamb, chicken, and maybe all beans.

    Pam - thanks! :)

    mymy - Probably best to wait until the organic produce is available to you. The reason we state "organic" is to rule out reactions from minute amounts of chemicals and the risk of GMO's.

  16. Hi Ali,

    I'm Vata too and have noticed within the past 2 months an unbalanced feeling after eating apples and pears. I do great with mangos, pineapple, peaches, cherries, and berries, but they aren't in season right now. What fruits do you use in your green smoothies, or are you ok after apples and pears?


  17. Definitely gearing up to do gren smoothies and lighter meals here. Good luck to everyone who is embarking on the full-blown elimination and detox diet! Detoxing is something we all need to do, that's for sure and I'm amazed how it's continually dismissed by the traditional medicine folks, even the ones who seem more "up" on alternative (non-drug) methods of treatment. Detox works! Thanks for all you guys do in this area. You are a godsend to sooo many! :-)

    Happy New Year!


  18. Thank you so much Tom! I do still have symptoms so I am going to give this a try. Happy New Year!


  19. Ali,
    I'd love to start this after the green smoothie fast--otherwise I just won't do it at all! So, should I lengthen Phase I to include a couple of extra days?
    Thanks! Barb

  20. Metta - I am ok with pears and apples in smoothies. I have a harder time with eating large amounts of apples (not blended) but that's it. We harvested and froze a ton of organic peaches, pears, berries, and cherries this past summer to use during the winter. If you don't have any summer fruits to use then all I can think of at the moment is to use pears and apples. If you come up with something else let me know. :)

    Shirley - Great to hear you are gearing up for green smoothies! I think the mind-set of health care providers is different on the west coast. The elimination diet is highly recommended by most out here. Cheers to a new year! :)

    Barb - Yes go for it and add an extra 2 days to phase 1! Have fun! :)

  21. The brown rice cooked with Wakame is so good! The Wakame just sort of disintegrates at the end of the cooking time and gives more flavour to the rice! Got the idea from your book. There is so much good information in there - hope people are buying it and not trying this elim diet without it, they will miss out on so much!

  22. Thanks Wendy, I love how seaweed can simply disintegrate into a pot of cooked beans or whole grains. Glad you are enjoying the book! :)

  23. I got your cookbook for Christmas (yay!) and am planning on doing the elimination diet once I get back from my vacation. My concern is that I have been having a lot of problems with exhaustion due to low iron. Most days I feel like I can't function past 3pm. Iron pills seem to be the only thing that help, but they have lactose in them, and I'm sure they wouldn't be good while on the elimination diet. I work full-time and am starting school again at the end of the month, so I can't be taking afternoon naps every day as I have been. Do you have any suggestions for making sure I'm getting enough iron while on the diet?


  24. Hi Ali,
    Many other detox diets eliminate sugar completely, and don't allow agave, honey or maple syrup. Can you share your rationale for allowing these sweeteners...
    Also, are stevia and xylitol ok?

    Thanks so much!

  25. Specially to Iris, from another low-iron person:

    If you look for iron bisglycinate (bis-glycinate whatever, Solgar and other folks offer it), this comes with no dairy at all.

    I'm hoping that staying off gluten in the long term will clear up my perennial low-iron issues, but in the meantime, it's good to have a solution that doesn't hurt my tummy!

  26. I just found your blog. I really want to start this diet but I am nervous. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in March and have been GF since then. I have had some major health issues since my diagnosis so I think that this diet might really help. my question so far - how long does each phase last? what should I look for when I reintroduce each food?

  27. Hi Ali,

    I may have missed it but I dont see coconut (oil, shredded, milk, etc) anywhere on the food lists, neither as a possible allergen to introduce or something to eat freely. Could you comment on that?Thanks!

    Also, Iris, I take liquid iron. I love Integrative Therapeutics Liquid iron with folic acid and b12. You may only be able to get it from a health care provider. Ive had many problems with other forms of iron but this one is great and tastes yummy too. Its cinnamon.

  28. Iris - It sounds like you have had a few great suggestions already here in regards to your iron. Thorne also make a great gf / cf supplement. The elimination diet is designed to heal your digestive system so it is able to absorb the nutrients from your food. Hopefully the combination of a great dairy-free supplement and the healing diet will do the trick and you will have the energy you need. :)

    Lisl - Yes I know that other detox diets eliminate all sweeteners, however, our focus is on the elimination aspect (cutting out foods and then slowly reintroducing them). Small amounts of these sweeteners are okay. Stevia is fine but it is best to keep xylitol out since it can cause digestive upset.

    Thanks anon for the iron tip!

    Linda - An elimination diet may help. All of the details, phases, and things to look for when reintroducing foods are in our book, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. :)

    Jory - Yes coconut oil and coconut milk are on the documents listed on the Elimination Diet on our website: It looks like I need to update them to add shredded coconut which is allowable in phase 1.

  29. I just got your book today via Amazon. I am excited to dive into it. I did an elimination diet in the fall, a different version of yours and the foods weren't introduced back slowly enough - I don't think I had the patience! I found out that I am gluten intolerant, but I feel there is something else I'm having an issue with. Looking forward to going through your book - I love your blog. Thanks! ~Alecia

  30. Ali: Thanks for doing this. A group of friends will be starting up together soon!

    Just another quick iron comment: You might try cooking in cast iron--especially acid foods. I was anemic as a child, but as an adult I cook about half my food in cast iron, and my iron and hematocrit levels are almost high enough that I could be barred from the Olympics on suspicion of taking EPO! ...Not that I could get into the Olympics in the first place.... ;-)

  31. So happy to have found your site! I do have one question. How many days is each phase supposed to be? I just started the Smoothie cleanse and I am trying to plan ahead. Thanks!

  32. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm off to the health food store to look for one of the recommended supplements, and I'll be starting the elimination diet on Saturday. Very excited for it!

  33. hi there,
    breastfeeding my 1.5 year old and trying to figure out digestive issues he's had since birth. have been on phase 1 of elimination diet for months since it is somewhat helping - however he cramps up painfully when he or I eat beans and lentils and crucifers (amoung others). even when i follow your instructions re: cooking beans. we've been eating tons of meat - im getting weary of it and worry about his nutrition. any thoughts?

  34. I hope it is ok to post links to recipes here, but I wanted to help out others on the elimination diet that might want something a little different for breakfast.

    I made a flourless, whole-grain pancake this morning that was really delicious topped with a little maple syrup!

    Here is the recipe, with nutrition info:

    Alissa, maybe you can confirm that this is ok - I wasn't sure about whether "no flours" included home-ground pumpkin seeds since they are ok. Also, please feel free to "steal" the recipe and make it better - I'm not much of a blogger/cookbook author, myself!

  35. Evaline - This pancake recipe sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing the link. Yes, ground pumpkin seeds are perfect for phase 1. Now I just need to give it a try! :)

  36. Kelly - it looks like I never responded to your question, sorry. Crucifers can be particularly hard on an infant's digestive system. I could never eat broccoli, cauliflower, or brussels sprouts without ending up with screaming babies. A little kale and collards was fine in smoothies however. Beans can also be a hard one. Lentils are usually easier though. Have you looked at the post I did on Nourishing the New Mom? This post has plenty of tips for food ideas. Hope this helps. :)

  37. Can I assume that beef, lamb, pork and shell fish (particularly prawns, clams and crab) would fall into the challenge group? I am planning on beginning the elimination diet in March as I am finding that going gluten free just hasn't cut out all the little irritations I seem to have. The meat I do eat is purchased only at the Food Coop - not organic but otherwise raised as grass fed and hormone free or wild caught.

  38. Janet - we intentionally left out all animal foods during phase one and two. This is to assure that we are not adding in any excessive toxic burden while you are "detoxing". Animal foods bioaccumulate toxins at levels much higher than any plants. One of the goals of the elimination diet is to give the liver a break during this time and let built-up toxins get released. Animal tissue is often more difficult to digest as well. This may lead to more non-benficial bacteria and metabolic by-products such as putrescine and cadavarine that may be harmful. Interestingly, some people that react to dairy also cross-react to beef and lamb. For these reasons and more, we just like to play it safe in phase one and two and wait to introduce these later on. Hope that helps.

  39. Oh...and to answer your question about when to introduce these, I recommend the challenge phase -- after the 28 days.

  40. I just started doing "Clean" a detox/(preceeded by an elimination diet) as perscribed in the book by Dr. Junger. At the same time I purchased a fairly large amount of grass fed beef from one of my friends (very responsibly raised, slaughtered and butchered). Can I use this in the elimination diet?

  41. Hi Ali,

    My household and I are embarking on the elimination diet this month and I noticed that you recommend a salmon recipe during phase one. I have done the diet before and believed fish to be a phase 3 food, but i would love to introduce it sooner if it is recommended. thoughts?

  42. We added salmon as an option for those feeling like they need animal protein. Salmon is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids so it is ideal to consume in small quantities during the diet. Some folks do best with no animal protein while others do better with some. I did talk about it in one of my phase 1 posts, don't remember which one at the moment. Hope this helps. -Ali :)

  43. Just starting Phase 1 with nothing but juice - is it normal to be feeling nauseous?
    I am still taking vitamins. I make sure to eat, at the least, an apple with them as to not upset my stomach. But still feeling pretty nauseous.

  44. Hi, Today is my last day of phase 2, but I'm wondering if I need to wait until I'm feeling really good to start adding lemon/lime? I've had diarrhea since I started the elimination and my eczema is still present, so should I wait until I'm symptom free before adding things in? Thanks, Sarah

  45. I am on a candida cleansing diet which prohibits consumption of any sugars at all, so no fruit, only stevia which kills yeast.
    I would love some advice, recipes and thoughts about the no sugar aspect of this diet.

  46. My family plans to start the detox phase on Monday. I have a couple of questions. First I have an 10, 8, and 6 year old I was going to have join dad and I on the cleanse. My oldest has complained of stomach pains off and on for a while and 6-year-old has vitaligo. So I thought it might not harm them. Would you recommend this for children or should dad and I be the only ones. If it is okay for the kids, I've already done some experimenting getting them to drink the green smoothies. They seem to prefer them with organic apple juice instead of water. Is this okay? Or do you have to use the water in the smoothie?
    Thanks for your help.

  47. Wash The Day Away - Do you mean green smoothies? Or are you consuming only juice?

    Sarah - It sounds like it would be best to extend Phase 1 for another week. Some folks report staying in phase 1 for weeks (sometimes months) until symptoms subside.

    xinrachel - This diet is not an anti-candida diet (though some of the recipes are suitable for it). You may want to consider looking into The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.

    Anon - You can view our FAQ page for more info regarding your question.
    We don't recommend that children do the 2-day smoothie fast though offer smoothies throughout the diet. Using apple juice in place of water is fine if that is how they prefer them - better to drink them than not (though for others reading this it is best to use water to avoid the added sugars that juice contains). If you feel they need animal protein then use wild Alaskan salmon during phase 1. Hope this helps! :)

  48. Thirteen days of phase one and I am about done with lentils, mung beans and adzuki beans. Phew. I am extending phase to 15 days since I decided to not do the smoothie cleanse. I can't say I am feeling any different after 13 days of this, but we'll see if anything changes during the challenge phase.

    Hooray for being on vacation! :-)

  49. Hi, I just found your website/blog and am very interested in starting this elimination diet. I am nursing almost full time a 10 1/2 month old so am not going to start with the green smoothies. I saw in one of your comments left by someone that they had a 6 year old boy with vitiligo. My son also has Vitiligo and is 8 has had it for a couple of years do you think this elimination diet would help that? He love sugar and prefers to eat things that arnt good for him. He is completly vegetarian has never shown an interest in meat so i would have to adjust some of the foods in the phases. He is a very skinny boy and i am always concerned about his nutrition since he is extremely picky and loves breads and sugar and prefers them over just about everything. He does like most vegetables and fruit and loves a good veggie soup with barley/lentils/beans. He also has some i believe digestive issues like his father and skin issues as well. Both i believe are very allergic to something and have alot of skin reactions. I thank you for your time and all the information and recipes you post on your blog very interesting to read. I love studying nutritional information just would love to get my whole family involved. I live in Alaska so its hard to get all the produce in tip top fresh condition but i will do my best!! Thanks again Shari

  50. Hi Shari - Thanks for your comment. Yes the elimination diet would be very beneficial for your son. You would want to jump right into phase 1 and skip the green smoothie cleanse. Though make sure he drinks at least 1 cup of green smoothie every day with meals. It is possible that he could begin to gain some weight once the digestive issues are taken care of, though most adults lose weight on this diet. You may want to consider keeping in all beans (except soy) during all phases to give more food options. In fact, you may consider waiting to introduce tamari, tofu and all soy products until the challenge phase. Hopefully now that the warmer weather has begun to move in there will be more produce options for you. :)

  51. Dear Ali and Tom,
    First of all, I love your blog. I am an avid reader and fan. Thanks for all you do! :)
    I have some questions. I've been contemplating doing the elimination diet for quite some time now but I've been wondering if it would really be beneficial to me and worth the time/energy to do it.
    I have a lot of health issues. I have dealt with them in the past by going GF and dairy-free, and also refined sugar-free. I have gone back to eating gluten and dairy and seem to be ok,(I have tested negative several times for both celiac and allergies) but my health issues are still there (just as they were when I was eating GF and dairy-free.) I still continue to eat refined sugar-free sometimes.
    Would the elimination diet help with any or all of these problems? I have: IBS, gastritis, fibromylgia, chronic back/neck pain, plantar factitious, ADHD, post-concussion syndrome, anxiety, and depression. Some of the symptoms of these are: constipation/diaherra (alternating), bloating, headaches, fatigue, fogginess, not being able to focus or concentrate, etc. I am on several different medications but would like to not have to be on so many and to be feeling better! One of the biggest problems too is just generally beign sluggish and always going through a cycle of gaining weight (20+ lbs) when I'm at school and then I have to work really hard all summer to get it off only to gain it again when I go back to school. I know that this isn't the most important problem, but I don't feel good when I am boarding the line for overweight. Anyways, if you could offer any suggestions or help, it would be greatly appreciated!

    With much thanks, Ari
    Ariana Anderson
    The Frugally Rich Life

  52. Ari - thanks for your comment. The elimination diet could certainly help many of these issues. You may want to consider remaining in phase 1 for an extra week to give your system time to calm down. With everything you have going on you may even want to set up a phone consult with Tom, even 15 minutes with him could help significantly and steer you into a customized elimination plan. -Ali :)

  53. Ali-
    How do I contact Tom? And how much does it cost? And how does he help? :)

  54. Oh, and I'm assuming this would help someone who struggles with overeating too?

  55. Ariana - You can find info about Tom's services here:

    The best way to reach him is to call his cell and you two can talk about what would work best. The number is on the link. Hope you find healing in this. -Ali :)

  56. Sorry, for the extra after thoughts! I think this is the last one! :) Also, do you have any suggestions or guidelines/recipes that I could use for the first few days while I wait for the cookbook to arrive in the mail? Thanks!!!

  57. Ariana - Yes, in this post, there are links to recipes on this blog for each phase. These are new recipes not in the book. You could start with these and then add more once you receive the book. You could even begin a trial run by simply adding in some of these new recipes without actually starting the elimination diet. This way it will be more of a gradual change (for some people this is key). Have fun with this and keep an eye on how you feel. :)

  58. I see that its mentioned that you should get organic? How important is it to do so? And with what products is it most important?

  59. oh--1 moore thing......I have nticed a sensitivity to spinach----should i just keep off it, or ? I always get diaherra when I eat it...tooo much fiber perhaps? Also, what do I do about not having the best blender---I know these smoothies require a lot if blending plower?

  60. Ariana - Organic is very important, this way, we eliminate chemical residues and GMO's from the diet, both of which can cause numerous health problems, including weight gain. However, if you have the opportunity to visit a Farmer's Market then talk with the farmers. Some might not be certified organic, which is very expensive, but still might be practicing sustainable agriculture. They key is finding sustainably grown and pesticide-free produce.

    Yes, if you already know that spinach affects you then keep it out.

    As far as a blender goes, can you replace your blade? If you have an old blender with a new, sharp blade then you can make the smoothies. Granted it won't be the same as a Vita-Mix but it still works. This is what we did until we got a vita-mix. You can go online to your manufacturer's website and order a new one for your model. :)

    1. I'm suffering from frequent migraine and planning to start the elimination diet soon. But I seem to have similar problem with Ariana. If spinach is to be avoided, what's the best replacement for it?

  61. Hi there- this is Ari again. I finally started the diet today with the smoothies. Is it normal to feel weak and lethargic and just generally "blah"?
    -Ariana Anderson
    The Frugally Rich Life

  62. Ariana, yes this feeling is totally normal. Be sure to drink enough water as well. If you must eat something, go for an apple or pear.

  63. Hi!!

    I was wondering if Hemp Protein is ok to use in the elimination diet.

    I have Crohn's disease (it was in remission for about 3 years due to diet work and supplements, but now the last 6 inches of my intestines have been bleeding for 2.5 years), I have extremely low progesterone (producing 5 percent of what I should - but supplementing with PROG cream),and I have been diagnosed with Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I have done the green smoothie fast the past two days, and boy am I ready for Mung Beans ;) Do you think this diet will help? I have tried Gottschal (too heavy and fatty for me), and a multitude of other dietary things, but never really strictly done an elimination thing.

    Anyway - I love your site and your recipes! Keep up the fabulous work.


  64. Hi this is Ari again. I'm at the end of day one. I followed your suggestion and tried eating some apples and pears because I felt like I needed to eat something but I'm still feeling really sluggish etc. Just drinking the smoothies and things (even when I add more fruits to them) makes me feel nauseated. I'm wondering if I should continue and keep going tomorrow with the green smoothies or just start phase 1? Also, I'm wondering if dates are allowed on phase one? I'm assuming they are because Ali has used some in her recipes for phase one?

  65. Love the book; love the website. I've been doing the elimination diet for 2.5 weeks now. I am experiencing a lot of "fogginess" in my mind during the day, and feel a bit head achey. Does this sound within the realm of normal for 2.5 weeks? I have not moved on to adding lemons/limes, as I want to feel weel prior to diving in. Do you agree that I should not move forward until this clears up for me? Thank you and have a great day!

  66. Hi this is Ariana again. But this time I thought I would share something. I put together a list of a bunch of your phase 1 recipes with the links to them and other recipes from other sites that I found about phase one foods. I thought this might be a helpful resource to direct someone to so I figured I would post the link here. :) I am loving phase one so far too and I'm already learning a lot! :)

  67. Hi there,

    I have been on the elimination diet for 2 months, following strictly.

    I was just wondering if you have any tips for keeping the challenge phase less overwhelming. I find every time I introduce anything I feel terrible afterward. Specifically with nightshades - should i try challenging each veggie on its own?

    Thanks for your time and tips!

  68. I have had severe eczema/dermatitis since I've had my daughter 17 months ago. I am on day 9 of the elimination diet, but I did 4 days of green smoothie fast & I am feeling terrible. My symptoms have gotten so much worse. Eczema has spread & I am having facial swelling. I don't want to give up now, but am feeling discouraged. On a good note, so far phase 1 recipes have been absolutely delicious. I already have no desire to eat sugar,gluten,dairy,etc...well maybe cheese but that's fading fast! Ali, I just now read that you shouldn't nurse while detoxing. I still nurse my daughter once before bed, do you think I am harming her???

  69. Jen, I'm not an expert like Ali and Tom, but I have a lot of problems with inflammation (joint pains, asthma, allergies and rashes) and I also noticed an increase at the beginning of the elimination diet, both times... not sure if that makes a pattern, quite, but it did get better for me after about 2 weeks. What did help was drinking a LOT of water, taking cold showers, and making sure to eat enough - count your calories. I also found it helped to cook the greens (instead of eating them raw), even just blanching them before making smoothies.

  70. i am a vegitarian and i am beyond excited to try the elimination diet!!!! :) but i dont eat fish or meats...what should i do??? and would it hurt me to continue to drink coffee through the diet? what would the effects be?
    thank you sooo much for your amazing website and cookbook! God Bless!!

  71. I am a vegetarian as well and am curious to see what Ali recommends. I did try the elimination diet back in January, but just felt a bit too sluggish after about 10-12 days and didn't feel I could continue. I want to give it another shot though as I've been having a lot of stomach problems, so I'm curious to know if we should add in any other forms of protein now that salmon is included in the phase 1 list.

  72. Hi there- Ari here. I've been doing the diet for over 2 weeks and am wondering if it's healthy to do the way I have been lately. I have been doing it with only the things I know I can tolerate (lentils and brown rice) and then slowly adding other things in. Is that ok/healthy? Also, what if you slip one day and don't follow the diet at all? Do you need to start over? Thanks!

  73. So glad I haven't given up. I am on day 20 of the elimination diet. I am still in phase 1, the only thing I have introduced is salmon...just felt like I needed more protein. I am starting to feel so much better. Finally!!! I have decided to stay in phase 1 until I stop having eczema "flare ups". Otherwise, it would be hard to tell if I was reacting to something. I have absolutely no desire for the typical american diet anymore, yeah!!! It was challenging at first, esp bc I am a nurse & honestly, nurses don't eat well! But, it is starting to feel natural & normal to eat healthy, all of the time! Hopefully others will see how great I feel & look, and maybe make better choices for themselves. Thanks Ali for a fantastic elim diet & cookbook :)

  74. My family (hubby, kids, sister, aunt and myself) have all been suffering from different health issues (some minor, some severe) and so are about to embark on the elimination diet together. I was wondering though about zucchini and olives; I couldn't find anything on your blog, website or cookbook about when they are acceptable. Also, when are we able to add back in buckwheat, mushrooms, vanilla, and vinegar? And THANK YOU for all the info and recipes you share here. It's been a great help for this sometimes overwhelmed mama!

  75. Are cucumbers, raisins, and watermelon okay for Phase I?

    And I saw that teff is allowed, but that's not the same as teff flour right?

  76. I have the same question as MamaAngie. When can you reintroduce vinegars and mushrooms? Also, a question on beans. I seem to have some issues but it's never consistent. Will mung and adzuki beans and lentils interfere with the diet's intentions? Because I'm so ready to be able to eat normally again... Thanks! Love the blog. And your cookbook.

  77. I am on day four of the diet and I have a question on
    using a juicer instead of a blender.... I have a terrible
    blender but do own a juicer....I am having a hard time
    drinking the "sludgy" part of the smoothies. Don't get me
    wrong the Smoothies taste amazing but it's chunky due to
    my is the juicer ok?

  78. RE: Anonymous (June 10)
    I had the same question. I didn't have a good blender and ended up with lots of sludge. I asked the same question but with no response just went ahead with juicing. It's still somewhat helpful for you but not as much. I found that juicing though (especially if I made a bunch of smoothies a day) made be feel really sick and nauseous.
    I'd suggest buying a good blender if possible or eating other foods too along with your smoothie. Or do as Ali suggested to me, "As far as a blender goes, can you replace your blade? If you have an old blender with a new, sharp blade then you can make the smoothies. Granted it won't be the same as a Vita-Mix but it still works. This is what we did until we got a vita-mix. You can go online to your manufacturer's website and order a new one for your model. :)" If you are looking for a good blender, I bought one that works great for green smoothies and other such things and it was under $100---way cheaper than a Vita-mix. I can let you know the brand/model if you like.

    I also have a post about elimination diet recipes (phase 1 and on) so you might want to check that out.

    I also blog GF, dairy-free, and sugar-free so hopefully you'll be able to find some good recipes there. :)

    Good Luck! And feel free to email me with any comments/?'s. :) -Ari

    Ariana Anderson
    Blogging about GF, dairy-free, sugar-free recipes and living frugally!

  79. My husband and I have started the 28 day elimination diet and are on day 3. I have several health issues that keep recurring: migraines, vitiligo, as well as yeast issues. I have been told to stay away from all forms of sugar, including fruit, and this diet has me eating alot of fruit. Should I stay away from doing this because of yeast issues? Thanks so much for any help you can give!! Jana

  80. I started my cleansing yesterday July 13. July 12, I had a full bag of popcorn around 9:00 pm. I felt still very full the next morning (7/13), so I didn't start my juice until noon. Then I did drink the full Tom's Medicine Chest without the lemon. However, I didn't put in any of the Kale or collar greens, just two handfuls of spring mix lettuce. My questions is, is this good enough to finish my two day fast today, or should I do a third day? Today I did add 5 kale leave and 2 collar leaves. It is a lot more greener than it was yesterday. I did developed a slight headache yesterday, but did feel better when I woke up this morning, than the previews morning. What do you recommend? Thanks!

  81. Hi
    I started my cleansing yesterday about noon (skipped breakfast, but took my vegan probiotics) and did not put in the kale or collard leaves, only two handfuls of salad spring mix. Tom's medicine chest juice did not look green but brown (I did drink the whole thing minus the kale or collard greens). Today I made it with the 5 kale leaves and two collard leaves, it looks GREEN! Do I need to do the juice fasting an extra day because of this or is the two enough? What is the point of the two day juice fasting? Is there a way I should feel? Or does everyone feel different? I feel full today and not very hungry, unless the juice is feeling me up.

  82. Hello,

    I go to the gym a lot and I need extra protein during my workouts. I used to take Whey protein but I have taken that out b/c of the dairy in there. What can I substitute it with. Can I take "Rice Protein PowdeR"?


  83. I hope you are still responding to this post. I have noticed that they past few questions have gone unanswered.

    I live in a rural town, and organic is virtually non existant, but I think I can still do this, I am pretty in tune with my body, but somethings are still not right (hair and hormones and I am already on thyroid medicine and it is at 1.8 and the TSH was good too); it has been suggested I follow some food combining rules and fix my digestive system. What are your thoughts on this?

    After eliminating foods and finding what is reactive, are you at all ever able to eat those reactive foods or will they always be a problem?

    Thanks, Joelle

  84. Hello,

    I have a question in relation to manfuacturing questions.

    I just started the diet and while shopping for legumes and split peas, I noticed that the packaging says..."Produced in the same facility that processes wheat, dairy, gluten etc"

    How serious is this because I cannot seem to find out that is processed in a "clean or allergy free" facility!

    Please advise because I dont want this to turn around and be a major issue.

    Thank You.

  85. Hello,

    My husband and I are starting the Elimination Diet tomorrow. We have a freezer full of rhubarb, saskatoons & blueberries. Are these fruits ok to add to our smoothies for the next two days?

    Thanks so much. Love the cook book.


  86. I am on phase 2 of the elimination diet. I feel really good. I am having just a couple concerns. I am having trouble eating enough not to loose weight. I did add salmon during phase 1 (I know I am a person that needs a lot of food). I have still gone from 98lbs to 91lbs. I also seem to have an increase in my hyperthyroidism type symptoms. For example, my heart races more and I feel jittery more often. Could this have something to do with a release of toxins, my body changing with the different diet, or the weight loss? Besides these worries I do feel really good.. I am almost scared to add anything back in :) but since I am a terrible cook I know it will be worth the risk.
    Thank you for your book and blog!
    April Koebcke

  87. Can leeks and pomegranates be eaten during Phase 1?

    Thank you.

  88. Ali and Tom- I have the same question at City Books about hypothyroidism and cruciferous vegetables. I saw where Ali posted that Tom may answer this question early January 2010, but I couldn't find the post answering the question. I'm interested in doing the 28-Day Elimination diet but want to limit my intake of these vegetables. If you could direct me to the post with the answer or provide an answer that would be awesome. Thanks! - Rachel

  89. Hi Ali and Tom,

    I'm on day 4 of your elimination diet and I tried making the sweet rice cereal for breakfast and could not get past the texture. Is it suppose to be sticky?

    Also I haven't had one bowel movement since I started the diet is that normal? I've done the green smoothie fast, water and the past two days I've eaten brown rice with steamed sweet potatoes and avocado.

    Also I've been having eating raisins as a snack is that okay?


  90. Ha, when it comes to elimination diet, I usually succeed for like 4-5 days, then it's back to my old eat everything self. It is so inspiring to see so more and more people trying out the elimination diet as the years go by. This just shows that more and more people are being more conscious with what they put in their mouth these days. It is now well past the new year. Hey but it is never too late to still go ahead with the elimination diet. I'll definitely try again next week :D

  91. I see that this post is no longer being answered, BUT I had to comment anyhow (just in case:)-- I am very interested in starting this diet although a little nervous and overwhelmed since I am an inexperienced cook. I am surprised that soy products are mentioned to go back into the diet after the phases. Isn't soy something to avoid all the time??

  92. I am not sure if this is being answered anymore. But I am in the middle of the first day of juices and am feeling terribly sick. I have pretty bad hypoglycemia so I was wondering if I should skip this part and go straight to phase 1?

  93. To Unknown,

    I have done the elimination diet a couple of times and I think you can skip the smoothies if you want/need to. I have problems with low blood sugar also and it helps to remember to keep eating the smoothies when I am hungry. You're not supposed to be hungry those days. If that doesn't help, I think you could add in one of the really neutral foods, like cooked mung beans, but I'd ask Ali what she thinks about that.

  94. Hi! I'm in phase 1 and loving! minus the difficulties of limited food and feeling a bit tired but I know my body has never felt better! Quick question...i love chocolate!! can I eat carob during any phases? And are olives okay to eat because we can have olive oil?

  95. I have a similar question to Jennifer's, is olive oil ok during phase. I'm also wondering about organic brown rice syrup, in Phase 1, for sweetening green smoothies.

  96. Jennifer, Sarah...

    I'm not an expert, but my intuition tells me to avoid those things, except maybe olive oil.

    Olves are usually steeped in a brine which may contain additives, preservatives, or at least some acid (which you know, is avoided during phase 1). So unless these are home-made salt-cured olives or something, I would leave them out.

    For Brown Rice Syrup, I'm honestly shocked you would want to sweeten the green smoothies at all. If you use ripe pears they are already very sweet. Our tastebuds get seriously out of wack from eating sweets, maybe you need some time to adjust?

  97. Hi Ali and Tom,

    I was wondering why it was suggested to leave out the curry spice in the recipe for lentil soup in Phase 2. Is it the combination of the spices, or one or two problematic spices that normally go into a "curry spice mix"? When would those spices be allowed? (Cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, garam masala...etc)

    Also, I did not see the answers to the following questions, and had them myself...when can mushrooms and vinegar and vanilla extract be reintroduced? It is not outlined in the cookbook, nor in the Phase food lists PDF.


  98. How many days am I supposed to spend on each phase?

  99. Can I use salt when I'm on the diet?

  100. Hi!
    Thank you so much for this grate page! Can I use spirulina and chlorella on phase 1?

  101. My husband and I take daily supplements of fish oil, and have found it makes a huge difference in our health. Can we continue taking fish oil supplements while on the elimination diet?

  102. I am doing the modified elimination diet (w fish, chicken & lamb) while breastfeeding my son, who suffers from facial eczema.
    I have nearly made the first two weeks. It is slowly clearing, however should I keep with Phase 1 until his skin has completely cleared? Also, when it comes to phase 2 & 3, should I wait longer, say 4-5 days between introducing new foods to see if there is a reaction?
    Thanks - feeling healthy & great! :)

  103. Elly - Yes, continue with phase 1 foods plus your additions until you see a complete clearing. 12 weeks is most beneficial. 4-5 days between food introductions might be best in your case. Also consider adding homemade organic chicken stock and cultured vegetables to your phase 1 food list. These foods are incredibly beneficial in healing the gut (a damaged gut lining is usually the cause of eczema and other allergies). Fish oil and glutamine supplementation can also be very beneficial.

    I will try to get back to the rest of the comments at another time....sorry folks, we don't always have time to respond to all of them!

  104. Hi, I was wondering about homemade coconut milk yogurt for phase 1 of the elimination diet? I see coconut milk is allowed, and if the yogurt starter was just bacteria, no sugar, would it be acceptable? I guess you have to use a thickener for coconut milk as well, would any be OK phase 1? Thank you!

  105. I'm not great with computers and can't figure out how to leave my questions on the comment board and I tried emailing but haven't heard back. What phase can I add gluten free flours and rice milk or hemp milk? Also I have a hypthyroid at the moment and was told to stay away from raw cruscifous veg. if I cook them it should be fine, have you heard about this? Also when can is use sourdough starter and make some yeast free bread?
    Thanks you guys are wonderful!
    Natalie Visser

  106. I'm on my 11th day of phase 1. I still have bad gas and bloating despite eating great. I added in salmon and had one serving a day for 3 days and my stomach issues got worse (not sure why). I stopped and went back to the normal phase ! diet but still have gas, what should I do? The gas and bloating to get worse at night.Also, my husband is doing the diet with me and he has had loose stool the entire time and its not gotten better and were on day 11. Can he move on to the next phase? Could I be sensitive to one of the food on the list like rice or something? Thanks your advice would be so helpful because I'm ready to end this diet because I'm not getting anywhere.

  107. Hi... I'm not sure if I'm the only one confused...

    I'm going to start this tomorrow, which means I'll be living on green smoothies for the next few days. It's my understanding that this means just greens and maybe a pear or apple added in. Is this correct? I'd love to add a banana or make the winter smoothie with cranberries, but I don't get to do that for two weeks, right?

    Also... when do I get to add in bananas? It doesn't really say in the back of the book. I'm figuring bananas are a phase 2 food, but I'm not sure.

    I'm looking forward to this, but some of the instructions are confusing.

  108. Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Eosiniphilic Esophogitis (EE). Boiled down-my esophogus is loaded with white blood cells. From all I have researched, this condition is auto-immune and believed to be caused by unknown allergens (no one seems to be sure if they are food-related or environmental). I have only recently begun to experience symptoms - chest discomfot, burping, excess esophogial fluid. I have had cardiac problems ruled out. In speaking to my gastro dr last night, he suggested experimenting with an elimination diet. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this for EE and how you made out. Thanks for any input you can offer.

  109. My dr suggested I go through this diet. I bought the Cookbook with the diet inside. I live in the middle of nowhere and although organic is out, I am able to obtain greens. Can I vitamix the greens separately and freeze in cubes to be used later in the green smoothies?
    I have been able to order many of the other items online. This is the only "fix" I can think of to enable me to continue. If anyone else out there has any idea please let me know. Thanks, Becky

  110. I am on the elimination diet because of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. My doctor didn't do phases, just a complete list of do's and don'ts plus detoxing.
    My question, I am allergic to coconuts and bananas. What can I substitute for coconuts or coconut milk?

  111. I love the sound of the smoothies but I definitely don't have access or the money to buy a good blender like a Vitamix. Are there other ways to prepare the smoothies?


  112. It's a pity the book is not available in Europe outside the UK :(

  113. I am very excited to receive the book and start the detox diet. I have been loosely doing a detox diet and not feeling better. Do I need to go off of supplements and also my dexilant (which is an acid-reducer for GERD) during this diet?

  114. I have gone through all stages of diet up to Phase 3. I went off for 4 days what do I need to do to continue? Do I start at the beginning with the smoothie fast or continue where I left off? Any help would be appreciated.

  115. Juicing vs. Smoothies? I do not like the consistency of smoothies and can not drink them. Can I get the same benefits if I use the same recipes but juice them instead of making a smoothie?

  116. Dear Ali and Tom, yours is a wonderful site, I'm so glad I came across it! I'm seriously considering to buy your book as well but I'm not really sure in what extent are the ingredients you use different from what I can get here in Europe (France).

    Once you wrote 'my boys are barely nursing so this was the time to start a diet'. My son is 15 months old and am breastfeeding him twice a day.

    I didn't intend to separate him drastically, but I might as well be able to reduce to one breastfeeding per day quite easily. And I'm pretty much in need of doing something on my own as I came down with arthritis and doctors seem to reject the idea that this illness might as well be caused by food allergies of some kind...

    Do you have any helpful tips to resolve this? Is only complete separation a solution, or one breastfeeding might not be that harmful (as I not exactly unintentionally tried to read between your lines).

    Thank you very much for your comments. :)

  117. Hi Ali,
    I've started on the elimination diet this week. I didn't realise that next week I signed myself up to give blood to the Red Cross service. Will this be an issue? Or does blood loss not make a difference whilst on the diet?

  118. Hi Ali! I just purchased your book through Amazon and am very excited to start an elimination diet because I have been in pain for years now, foggy head, depression, confusion, and just overall difficulty having motivation to do anything. I know it is a food intolerance/s that is causing this.

    I am starting the green smoothie fast, but was wondering (since it is winter) would it be alright if I boiled together so carrots, kale, garlic and celery and blend that all up in a soup/smoothie to drink along with green smoothies?

    Also, I have heard people doing a fast for longer than 2 days, if we wanted to do it longer (to just make sure we are rid of these toxins) would that be alright as well?

    Thank you so much for all your help. You both are so involved with what you are doing and it is amazing. I work at a health food store and I also have a degree in NFS, so I will be sure to mention your book and website to everyone else I know with digestive issues!

  119. I'm gearing up to start this elimination diet and it occurred to me that my calcium and vitamin D supplements are no good (chewable - they contain lots of sugar). I've seen you recommend Thorne, but for budget concerns ideally I would get a supplement that has both calcium and vitamin D. I'm also considering if I need a magnesium supplement as well. Any advice or suggestions?

    I'm currently looking at Rainbow Light. It's allergen and sugar free, which is better than what I'm taking now, but I wasn't sure if all the ingredients were good. Thanks!

  120. Hey there,

    I started this elimination diet today, jumping in to the two day smoothie fast. I am wondering if you have any recipe suggestions to keep the fructose level in my smoothies as low as possible? One of my suspected issues is fructose malabsorption.

    Thanks for the input!

  121. Hi Ali,

    Great post on the elimination diet. When suffering from food intolerance, an elimination diet is also used; especially so for salicylate and amine intolerance. In such cases, even healthy food such as fruits and veggies need to be avoided and trialled to see if there is a reaction. I know this from personal experience. I no longer have any food intolerance issues and I am a high raw food eater. Thanks for sharing. :-) Stay well, Eileen.

  122. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes (type 2) no meds at this point just diet and exercise I have been toying with the idea of the smoothie fast/ elimination diet . Would this be safe for diabetics

  123. You need to check with your doctor. I will tell you that my doctor encourages smoothies and I saw the nutritionist in her office for guidance. I went from being Diabetes 2 to being in the elevated safe zone. I am trying to reduce my A1C blood test further. I did it entirely by nutrition. You have to understand the relationship between carbs, fats and proteins. If you just concentrate on sugar or carbs, that won't give you success. It is important that you glucose test your blood at least 3 times a day. Find out what affects your glucose levels. Not only does that include food, but also exercise, stress, meds, illness, injections, pain etc.

    Smoothies with a safe protein for you, fresh vegetables like kale, and safe fruit in limited amounts will likely be safe, but you need to see a nutritionist. You also need to learn from your own experience by tracking your foods with your glucose levels. Bananas spike my glucose. I can get away with a small apple.

    Even if you opt for medications for treatment, this will not totally take care of the situation. People must change what they eat.

  124. missalanny@gmail.comJune 15, 2013 at 9:53 PM

    I purchased your cookbook in order to do the Elimination Diet. I'm really hoping there is a way to reach you to get answers to some questions, because I am extremely unhappy with the purchase. There is information on the website that contradicts what is in the book, and the information in the book is so vague, I can't believe you are justifying asking people to buy it just to get the 3-pg instructions for the diet. So few of the recipes in the book can even be used for the diet, from what I can tell, as there is no reference to most of them anyways. If you aren't going to provide the complete information on the site in order to get people to buy your book, then the book shouldn't be so confusing. For instance - from reading the book, it seems mushrooms are okay during all phases, and strawberries can be reintroduced for phase three... at least, this is what I assume, based on the words you use. However, I go to the supplemental webpage, and mushrooms and strawberries are on the "not yet" lists for all phases. And, coconut oil is in so many recipes, but I have an already-known allergy to it, so information about what is comparably acceptable would be helpful. And very importantly, can I use dried spices? And what about supplements - I take Vitamins C, D and B12 daily, along with other supplements - are these okay during elimination? I feel like this should be mentioned in a book I paid over $20 for, just to get instructions for a diet. I don't mean to seem more frustrated than is warranted, but I have been suffering from digestive problems that I am desperate to resolve, and it baffles me that it is so difficult to get help getting healthy. You google "elimination diet" and all you get is people who want to sell books and "cleanse" potions.

  125. Hi Ali,
    You mention drinking lots of herbal tea while doing the two-day smoothie and I assume that would continue until one challenges in tea. However, I'm curious about rooibos specifically and I don't see any mention of it anywhere in this blog. Is it OK to drink rooibos while doing the elimination diet, or is it on the "not now, honey" list?

  126. I think it is such a great idea to have this support page - trying new diets can be SO difficult on your own.

    That said, I just wanted to say to everyone that if this diet doesn't work, you may be intolerant to something else (as well), such as FODMAPS, salicylates, amines or glutamate to name a few. If you don't respond well on this diet, don't give up. Just do some more research, as not everyone fits into the same 'box'!

  127. Hi!
    I am new to this site & am VERY keen on starting this 28 day elimination diet..
    However, I may not be reading close enough, but I cannot find how long to stay in each phase..
    I've done the 2 day green smoothie "fast" and now am delving into phase 1.
    Do I stay on phase one for 2 weeks?
    phase two for 1 week and then phase three?

    I don't know if its somewhere on the site and I can't find it, could I get some guidance? :)

  128. Good morning all,

    I'm brand new to this elimination diet. I am starting this with my wife to support her. I plan on buying the book, but according to the website it's not available until Spring 14. So until then a few questions to help me get started:

    I know there are phases, however, what are the details of each pahse? i.e. how long does each one last and instructions for completeing each phase.

  129. Hi! I'm doing the MediClear/ Elimination diet and it is my 2nd time. I did not find any issues with soy and was wondering if it would be okay to eat tofu during the 3 weeks? Thank you!

  130. I am on day 9 and have followed the diet strictly. However, I have not had complete relief from the symptoms that caused me to start the diet so I'm wondering if it's worth continuing? If it hasn't worked by now, does this mean that my issues won't be helped by this diet? Thanks in advance!

  131. Hello! New to your website and saw there is a new Elimination Diet coming soon. Have any idea when it will come?? Very interested in beginning an elimination diet but would wait if a new one was coming. Thanks!

  132. I am starting the Elimination diet on Wednesday. I tried it years ago and didn't make it through...hoping to finish this time! Thanks for this great resource.

  133. Hello. I've been on a very strict elimination diet for weeks now and am desperate for recipes, particularly simple, tasty ones that a single mother who works full-time can whip up. I am dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, bean, peanut and nightshade (potato, tomato, eggplant, pepper) free. I also cannot have grains, other than millet, even quinoa (and I do realize this is a seed, not a grain, but my body doesn't process it for some reason). I was a vegan for many years and am now starting to incorporate eggs, fish and beef back into my diet as I don't know what else to eat but am struggling with that as well. Please help!!!!

    1. Hi DJ~

      Have you seen our Elimination Diet book? It has over 125 recipes that you could use. Here is the link:

  134. Garlic and onion are HUGE no-no's for people with IBS doing elimination. So are apples or anything made with them.

    1. Hi Vixx-

      We address eliminating high FODMAP foods (which includes onions, garlic, and apples) for people with IBS in our Elimination Diet Book and Online Program. All of the recipes in both the book and program indicate with a symbol if they are low-FODMAP or not.



  135. Hi! My husband and I have been doing our own illumination diet for the last 20 days. I'm not quite sure if it's us coming off having a fever and such, but I haven't been feeling better if anything feel a little worse. My stool is loose and made head feels foggy/dizzy. Our breakfast usually consist of gluten free oatmeal with agave, blueberries, and cinnamon with organic decaf coffee. I will snack on raisins and apples, some carrots during the day. Lunch ranges from tuna salad made with an Apple cider vinegar at celery and onions and Apple on spinach. Because we've taken out pork and beef, I purchased some bison roast and bison ground beef have made those for sautéed mushrooms and sweet potatoes on the side. We have also done the ice and burgers with sweet potato buns and homemade soup potato fries . We also have fermented sauerkraut and pickles. Try to drink apple cider vinegar water in the morning or if not in the morning during the day. I've made guacamole with vinegar instead of citrus and dipped veggies in or topped in on lunch and dinner. Made almond flour scones with coconut milk, a little of Xanthium gum, baking soda and salt and then added some strawberries . I say all this just to give you an idea but were eating. Is there something We are doing wrong. The introduction phase starts in two days and I was going to start with something simple like citrus and then go to nightshades and then beans and rice . And then start adding in the more high allergy foods . I would love your help.

    1. Hi there!

      Have you considered following our Elimination Diet? The diet you are currently doing still contains things we keep out of our elimination diet. Here is a link to the book:

      And online program:

      I would consider removing the oats and agave (and coffee) for breakfast (we exclude oats, agave, and coffee for the entire diet). Try using the turkey hash recipe in the Elimination Diet book for breakfast instead. Also please look into FODMAPS and SIBO. You might consider getting a breath test for SIBO through a functional medicine practitioner. First try reducing the high-FODMAP foods in your diet such as the apples, raisins, onions, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, avocado, almonds, (and agave), etc.

      Bison is in the bovine family (like beef) and is excluded on our diet as well. You can have elk, antelope, and venison though!

      I would consider getting the Elimination Diet book and reading it through. Look into FODMAPs (MONASH University has some nice info and an APP you can download). Look into the supplements we recommend for digestive issues. We talk about adequate stomach acid production in the book as a starting point. You also might consider using some Soil-Based Probiotics like Body Biotics:

      Then, when you are fully prepared, consider starting the elimination diet over. You should be getting better, not worse.

      Hope this helps!


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